We visualise innovation in mobility.
From abstract idea to photo-realistic image.

strategic visualising // presentation design // illustrative visuals


“structure through visualisation”

We work with government and enterprises to visualise innovation.
Innovation can be unpredictable; visualisation is a tool to both communicate and structurise ideation, envisioning and supports team building.
Strategic visuals can visualise a system or process, or roadmap a project or organisation. Often we are pioneering on unmapped territory. The endresult provides clarity and direction.

We start from intervieuws, a story or vision documents, and we will research the field. Visualisation requires profound knowledge of the subject.
After research we suggest several visualisation directions which kicks off the next phase; an exchange between commissioners(s) and visualiser. Thus co-creation with the team or management provides reflection, which can be even more important then the end result.

We work from an elaborate technical and creative background with a holistic design mentality, and we act pro-active.








vision // innovation // transition

A roadmap is aimed to direct a transition. It makes the raod towards innovation 'tangible' and discussable. It may serve as a project reference or to communicate project intentions.

We translate written text, discussions or interviews into clear visuals.
Screenshot Screenshot

Exerpt from a series of roadmaps and future impressions for the Unit Innovation in Mobility, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement.
When the Unit was founded, we helped by expressing strategy and intentions visually. Ever since, we visualise for the Unit on project base.

data and graphics

data visualisation // infographics // insight

The combination of realism and abstraction is specifically suitable to clarify complex coherence in abstract goals.


system visualisation

process // overview // relations

Complexe innovative abstract systemens often are tricky to clarify. By combining realism and abstraction we can visualise related aspects.

Main image of the Programma MaaS (Mobility as a Service) of the ministery of Infrastructure and Watermanagement visualising the mobility landscape of the 7 national scalable pilots.

DDS /Okapi is strategic visualiser at the Programma MaaS, and is partially responsible of its visual identity.
During the development of the visuals they are part of internal team discussion, the end result is part of (inter)national communication.

City landscape with shifting surface functions due to MaaS and overview of MaaS key players and issues.


Overview of collected data on the Open API platform of Prog. MaaS


ICT architecture when connecting MaaS suppliers to the Learning Environment. In commission of Prog. MaaS.


Part of a visual with possible Artificial Intelligence applications for the ministry. In commission of Unit Innovation.


Part of an inventory of standardising issues of the Europese Rainlways. In commission of DG OVSpoor.


Part of RWS2050; threats of klimate shift. In commission of Deltares / RWS

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An interesting way to share ideas is the slide-doc. It is very suitable for readers with limited time, as it is in between slide presentation and text document. There are strict demands for content and style; a slide-doc filters project info to the core and distributes it bite-size over the pages. Additional detailed info is for optional reading.


“pitch with impact”

We analyse content; develop storyline and visuals to strengthen it.
We develop storyboards, powerpoint/ keynote templates, animatie-powerpoint and slide-docs.
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illustrative visualisation

images to empower ideas

Illustrative visuals are started from a clear briefing. Within this assignment we look for the optimal visualisation way.
The end result can be sketches, drawings, photo-sketch comabinations, photo editing or infographic. Usually these visuals are combined with text, sometimes stand-alone.

customer journey

people // interaction // persona's

A user scenario helps to communicate and validate project effects 'in reality'.

We specialise in scenario's with high realism, that can be used to envision a service or product situation. To clarify or to engage others.
We translate written scenario's to visual ones; we create storyboards, visualise user-product interaction & experience and product scenario's.
Screenshot Screenshot

Stills of the opening presentation of a European Railway gathering.


Slides of the generic presentation for the Unit Innovation in Mobility, IenW.

Future image / Artist Impression

context // realistic yet suggestive

Innovations require imagery to involve and engage others. Some ideas need context or framing to be understood. Realism, yet suggestive and mood rather than precise.

Sketching is the utlimate means for this.

> examples in commission of Metro Skyways :

Exploded view

part relations // technical illustration

An exploded view is a technical illustration providing product overview, its working or its parts and their relations.

Part of a commision for GE - Plastics :