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strategic design // concept development // product design


“A designer is a team player, a co-thinker and cross-thinker.”

The world is changeing quickly and the borders between disciplines are fading. Design is cross-disciplinairy; iterative en intuitive using a broad knowledge field. We combine experience in Automotove Engineering, Industrial Product Design en Contemporary Art in a context driven design method.

strategisch design

context // future// vision

A product strategy starts with determinimg the "design context" (future scenario's of person and habitat) and design vision. We translate this into product chances.

Is the idea viable, what are its ctiteria, how can we strengthen it? What are the responsible choices, and impact on nature and society? We use strategic visualisation to structurise research and outcome.

design strategy 1
design strategy 2

In commission of UA we mapped potential mobility applications. Okapi advises and structurizes strategic design, and is sparring partner and liaison at continuing project developments.

For BYD Europe we have analyzed city/ rural mobility context, and mapped behaviour and needs of futute bus travellers. We then developed functional interior design concept and initial translation to 'look and feel'.

design strategy 3

Experiment, discuss, reframe

strategic design

a clear design vision is needed for design decisions

products that touch people emotionally

product designp

a shape has meaning and emotion and is self-explaining

Concept development

engineering and aesthetics // user

The development of a product idea is a team effort, iterates and starts with a vision. In this process the designer is the link between disciplines.

Each collaboration requires a slightly different process structure. The balanceing of a diversity of aspects is crucial. From user empathy and costs, to social impact and sustainability.

cityhawk styling
cityhawk styling
For Urban Aeronautics: Okapi researched shape and meaning of a ‘flying car’, and consulted in aesthetics.
smart studio
A work space that stimulates innovation tracks usually is lacking in most office buildings. Modular office: is a temporary, in-house facility; a work and exposure space for innovation tracks. In collaboration with Studio Soeverein.

product design

aesthetics // styling

"a look & feel that connects to your target group

To balance usage, functionality, shape and meaning of a design. Esthetics is of great importance, as is the user intuitively reading a products usage (self-explaining). Through styling a design can better connect with the user, communicate the concept with clarity which contributes to effective product acceptance.

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