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innovation tracks

Busoness development // project inititation // plan development // coordination // co-creation

project start-up

project plan definition // set up collaboration

Our background in product design offers the creative tools to holistically develop a project plan. We translate this in (slide-doc) presentation to contact parties.

Our experience lies in coordinating international collaboration in the prepatory project phase.
Through our visualisation activities both 9in and outside governmental setting, and of course our Sketching books, we have built a large network of contacts.

We have experience in bringing parties together and coordinating international collaboration in the initial project phase.


“holistic approach, context driven”

In cross-disciplinairy teams product design has a conneting role. When innovation tracks iterate with uncertain outcome; design methodology can offer structure.
We employ a design methodology that may reframe the design question and that could result in more than a physical product.

Hands-on method, in co-creation.



Process mapping // context mapping // roadmapping
We develop and facilitate sessions to map your workfield or context. Mapping eases positionering, and is the starting point for strategisc decisions and development.