Meaningful innovation in mobility.

we initiate, support and contribute

business development // innovation tracks visual communication design styling

innovation with a holististic design approach

  • what
    MaaS (Mobility as a Service), Urban Air Mobiity (UAM) and Smart mobility. With international start-ups and government.
  • Vision
    Meaningful innovations have a positive societal impact. Transitions in thinking and doing. This requires a holistic design mentality.
    Visual communication is an integral part of this process.
  • How
    Our collaboration is based on mutual trust, on eye-level. We employ a design mentality, with broad field knowledge rangeing from automotive engineering, industrial design to contemporary art. Co-creation en coördination. Direct and hands-on.
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innovation tracks & business development

Project inititation, plan development, coordination & co-creation

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visual communication

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strategic visualisation
Develop vision in co-creation. Roadmaps, system visualisation, infographics etc.
presentation design (visual storytelling)
Storyboarding, powerpoint/keynote presentation, animation and slide-docs.
illustrative visualising
Empowering ideas through images. Quick sketch, detailed hand-drawn and photo editing.
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design styling

strategic, conceptual and product design

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Koos EIssen, M.Ed.
- general visualisation
- design styling
roselien steur, M.Sc., BA.
- innovation projects
- visualisation for government
- design styling